Shreded Chicken Tacos

Hello Y’all. Last year my sweet office ladies and I began cooking @ least 1 meal a week in a crockpot in our little island office. Needless to say, we have started some thing of a tradition as our awesome teachers have started doing team crockpot meals on Fridays. This recipe is one of our favorites. In the office, we call it salsa chicken. At home I do a few things differently, but turn out with the same result.

1/2 medium jar of salsa (I use the medium flavor)

1 taco seasoning pack

1/2 ranch seasoning pack

2 cups of chicken broth

1 cup of water

4-5 chicken breast

Medium to large crockpot.

Rinse you chicken breast and place them in your crockpot. Dump all of your other ingredients on top of the chicken. Give a swirl with a spoon. Let it cook for @least 4 hours or until you can pull your chicken apart with 2 forks. Once you pull it all apart, find your favors taco shells and toppings and enjoy.

This recipe usually makes about enough for 3 ladies to enjoy 2 tacos each for 2 days, but if you are shooting for leftovers then go with 5 or 6 chicken breasts. Also, this recipe makes awesome nachos, burritos and chimichangas.

Enjoy and let me know what you think….




Junk pot

Ok. So most of you call this a country boil or seafood boil, but for me this is known as a junk pot. A junk pot can consist of whatever you like, but typically seafood is used. For my Christmas Eve junk pot I used the following:
2 large bags of shrimp
3 lbs of snow crab legs
3 Hilshire farm sausage rings
2 pork sausage rings from the local meat house
1 bag of medium red potatoes
6 ears of corn broken into halves
1 lemon( cut in half)
Tonys Creole seasoning
4 McCormick crab boil bags
The biggest pot you have. (mine was approx. 8 gallons)
*All of my meats were thawed completely.

Fill your pot about halfway with water. Use a fork to poke holes in the potatoes. Add potatoes, corn, lemon, and seasoning. Bring to boil until potatoes are cooked halfway. Now add your sausage. Give it about 10-15 minutes to cook sausage. Check your potatoes at this point. You want them firm but soft in the center. Add your crab legs here and allow to boil tops 10 mins. Finally add your shrimp and give it another 5 mins. Or until pink. Turn off heat, fish everything out and enjoy.


I have had this with neckbones and  sausage only. The hubbub and his friends LOVE this when it’s cold outside.  Let me know what you think…

This can’t be it….

Hello everyone. I know you haven’t heard from me in a LOOOOONNNGGGG time, but know that I haven’t forgotten about you. I have been looking for ways to improve and waiting for my kitchen to be repaired. (My kitchen had a water leak that took down about half of our house. For almost 3 months we have been under construction, but HALLELUJAH we are nearing the end.We ate out for 1 full month and y’all know how I hated that) As we have been journeying through this rocky terrain I felt as if I have been in a place of waiting. A holding cell if you will. What am I waiting for? Only God knows but I am waiting. Have you ever been there? I’m sure you know that place. That place where you feel like you are spinning your wheels,revving your engine, ready to go only to realize that you don’t know where you would go even if you could. And you stop and look around and ask “Is this it? This cannot be it….”

Sometimes we drive ourselves to distraction and we miss the task at hand and we miss the glory of God because we are looking for busy work. That’s what I feel I have done. I am used to being busy. For a long time it was work, school, home. Literally my 20s was spent in that cycle and because of that I am used to being busy. But now that busyness has subsided and given away to the routine of life and I find myself looking for that busyness again. However, that is not what God has for me. I recognize now that if I continued that busyness, I would miss the opportunity to see the greatness of God in my life. I would miss seeing my family’s growth, my own growth, and the blessings (big and small) along the way. I would miss the opportunity to enjoy life chasing the next big thing.

So for me right now, this is it. Yes, this is all. And until God says time to do something else, I will rest and enjoy my life as it is.

Proverbs 15:16

Now, let’s get ready to cook…..stay tuned.






Breakfast Scramble

So, this morning I made the most Amazing breakfast scramble. There are days that I struggle getting my veggie in my tummy. I work hard to do it, but hey some days I just just completely miss the target. However, my plan for my summer days have been to get as much exercise and as many veggies as I can fit into a day. So, back to this mornings breakfast…. First and foremost, I want you to be open. There are a lot of times where we put foods, particularly vegtables in this little box and we reserve them for lunch or dinner. However, veggies can be used in all three meals and snacks; you just have to try them. So this morning I used spinach, onion, bell pepper, tomato, green peppers and crab meat. (Yes crab meat…super healthy, super delicious) I have used mushrooms, green onions, red/yellow bell peppers. There is no set way to do this. Be creative. Use what you have.

Veggie Breakfast Scramble

Chop the veggies of your choice up. (No set amount. As many or as few as you like and whatever you like)

The meat of your choice…

(I used crab meat, use what you like, or skip the meat all together. It is great without the meat)

Mozzerella (Just a pinch)

All-purpose seasoning (Just a pinch)

1 tablespoon of Milk

2 Eggs

Cooking oil


Preheat your skillet with just a little oil. (Just enough to cover the bottom of the skillet) Make sure your skillet is warm, not seething hot thought.

Throw your veggies in. (Keep them moving around, so they don’t scorch) Sautee them real good. (5 minutes or so depending on the amount)

Take veggies out of skillet. Sit them to the side.

Crack eggs in small bowl. Add milk and all- purpose seasoning (just a pinch of seasoning) . Beat eggs with fork.

Add just a tap more oil to the skillet and add those eggs.

Scramble the until they are about halfway done and then add veggies….

Continue to scramble until you reach the consistency you like your eggs….

Remove from skillet.

Cheese on top and done…. Hope yall enjoy

Father’s Day Dinner Ideas

Hey guys,
Here are some of my favorite Father’s Day dinners. I have cooked all of these recipes myself and enjoyed them with the hubbub.

Steak and Potatoes:
Baked Potatoes:

Stuffed Cheeseburger Sliders and Fries
Stuffed Burger:

Low Country Boil (otherwise known as a Junkpot)

Have fun!!!!

Quick Tips

Shredded Cheese freezes well. Just drop it in the freezer. Unthaw and use.

Download the Kroger app. It has tons of great coupons and they are combinable with paper coupons.

Write your meal plan out and evaluate what you have at home already. It makes a difference in the store.

Make your own laundry detergent. (Our costs about $20 to make and it lasts us about 7 months…we wash about 4 days a week and about 2 loads per day)

Know exactly how much you are willing to spend on any one item. (For example: Once store sells crab legs for 7.99 daily, but there are weeks where they run them for 6.99 or even 5.99. I absolutely refuse to pay 7.99 when I know I just have to be patient.)

Warehouse Club memberships are awesome….particularly for meat.

Don’t be fooled by “Pick5 meats for $20” This is good for variety, but I have found that you may get a better bargain for your buck with regular priced meats. I went to a local grocery store and began looking at there pick 5 special. They had less than one pound of hamburger meat for 3.50, but was essentially charging $5 for the pack on their pick 5. If I buy a pick 5, it has to be priced $4.80 or higher.

I NEVER buy less than 24 rolls of tissue or 8 rolls of paper towel at a time. Target runs various tissue and paper towel brands for really cheap. However, it can be tricky to catch. Usually I will purchase 24 double rolls of tissue or 8 giant rolls of paper towel for $9.99 each. When I catch it, I usually buy 2 of them.

Corn on the cob freezes well in the husk or out.

The Good Shepherd

Ok..I have a confession. I am a worrier. I worry a lot. I want you to understand that this is my nature, my struggle, my daily battle. I worry about my little family. I worry about my students. I worry do we have enough or even too much. I worry about finances. I worry about just things in general. I just need y’all to know that I am a worrier. It is my struggle and it is very real. I know I shouldn’t but its me. (Jesus is working on it.)

Here recently we had to buy a car. No you know this set my worrying into overdrive. I mean seriously y’all. I prayed and worried and worried and prayed and over ate. You see the Silver Bullet (that was my car’s name) had seen better days by this point. I purchased her in 2006 and she had been with me through some things. (Moving, multiple trips, late night runs for ice cream and pregnancy) She had been good to me. One of the 1st things that I had ever paid off fully on my own in my life, but she was slowly fading on me. The hubbub had been on me for years to get a new car. He would point out often that “cars aren’t made to last forever” but it was my plan to make her last forever. But that was my plan and not God’s plan. I had never had a problem until December 2014. I left out of the office and said my good-byes for the day climbed in the silver bullet and turned the key…..NOTHING happened. So,I was like no big deal, we have been here before I’ll just try again. I turned the key…NOTHING. and NOTHING happened about 4 more times and finally she turned on. Of course all the way to home, I praised the Lord. However, this was not enough for me, I allowed this to happen about 3 more times. Until the hubbub had enough. He said in his firm but loving I am your husband and I am asserting myself now voice that we would begin the car search. In the meantime our very dear mechanic friend would be on-call for us. Needless to say I have a new car, but y’all that weekend I worried something fierce. I laid awake and prayed, but still worried. I cried and prayed, but still worried. I did everything and worried that weekend. I worried so bad until the guy from the dealership let me bring the car home for the weekend at no charge and no string attached. (I believe I worried him…LOL) Finally, I said Lord, if it is for me, I know you will let it be so and He did just that. God provided every thing I needed to feel ok with a new car.

Tonight, I was reading to the ladybug from her children’s bible and it talked about the Good Shepherd. That’s what God is . He brings peace over you. You just have to trust Him. He knows our needs far beyond what we know. We just have to let go and trust Him. That’s the struggle. Letting go of the worry and turning it over to Him.

Yes, I still worry, but I know that God will provide. Not in my time or even my way, but according to His will.

Psalms 23